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Eyes that glow in the dark are somewhat electrifying and a mystery. People that wear glow in the dark contact lenses are electrifying at parties, raves, and clubs.

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Glow in the Dark Contact Lens Colors

Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

There are lots of crazy and unique ways to enhance your look. One fun way is with contact lenses. Contact lenses can invoke feelings of fear, mystique, pain, and fun.

Halloween and Scary Contact Lenses

Halloween is a time when people love to get scary contact lenses. One of the most scary contact lenses are the pitch black ones. They make it look like your eyes do not exist. Some people dress up all in black and then the pitch black lenses really scare people.

For fun, you might also get some of the jack o lantern or ghost lenses for Halloween. There are so many styles and designs of Halloween contact lenses that they sky is really the limit.

Another way to get your eyes to look scary is to use contacts that make them look like you are blind or evil. Some of the lenses use white and black to make your eyes seem really strange. You can also get lenses that are red and that makes you look more menacing. Vampires will especially like red contact lenses.

On Halloween, one of the most popular kinds of contact lenses are the glow in the dark contact lenses. These lenses come in a lot of colors and can really stand out. In the dark of night or at a dimly lit party, some glow in the dark contact lenses can really be a fun thing to wear. People won't be able to stop noticing your crazy and wild eyes.

The Mystique of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are not just to be scary. They can also create a feeling of mystique. Some of the mirrored contact lenses create feelings of mystique. For example, the mirrored lenses create a shiny silver look. The look is almost out of this world. It is so unique that it makes people wonder if there is something of great intelligence or crafty behind the eyes.

To make it more interesting, there are various shades of mirror tints. Like a car with window tinting, there are dark tints and lighter tints. To make it even more interesting, some of the pitch black contact lenses are mirror tinted. The idea behind making colored lenses with a mirror tint is to create a bit of mystique behind the eyes. And, it does work.

Mystique is one of the great qualities to have when you are around people that you do not know that well. People naturally have a curiosity to understand and get to know the mysteriousness of others. When you create mystique, people will naturally respect you and seek you out to get to know you. We are, of course, assuming you are relatively attractive.

The Pain of Contact Lenses

One of the ways to make someone look scary is to make contact lenses that make the person appear as if they are in pain. There are lenses that can make the person appear blind, with a bad eye, or with eyes that are bloodshot and falling out. These scary contact lenses can be classified as Halloween contact lenses.

Contact lenses can also naturally cause pain in the eye just from wearing them. New contact users will often find that they are of a bit of a discomfort until they get used to them. The soft contact lenses are the easiest on the eyes. The soft disposable contact lenses make them much easier to use.

The contact lenses that cause the most pain are the hardest and are not disposable. They, also, are the most expensive of the contact lenses. Some people need to have hard lenses to correct the vision correctly. Other people will choose hard lenses so that they do not have to purchase lenses as often.

Every night the contact lenses should be put into a contact lens sterilization solution. Most people will have a special container that they put the contacts in with they eye solution. The solution keeps germs out of the contacts and keeps the eyes from getting infections.

Contact Lenses are Fun

One of the best ways to have fun at a rave or party is to look way different from your normal self. It is fun to step out of your life for a minute and do something crazy or wild.

Raves are some of the most wild and crazy parties out there. Raves have lots of lights. Nearly everyone, at a rave, will have a glow stick and some neon lights of some sort. The lights make you appear to look really cool. One of the ways to make you appear different, at a rave, is to use glow in the dark contact lenses. When you stare into someones eyes that glow, it is more fun that seeing glow sticks and glowing led gloves. It is freaky and yet cool at the same time.

Another way to have fund with contact lenses is to try out many of the different syles. For example, you might use cat eyes on your day off just for fun. On other days, you might use contact lenses to enhance various outfits. Some people get a kick out of changing their eye color. If you have two girlfriends or boyfriends than change your eye color and you will have less chance of getting caught (not really).

Theatrical and Movie Contact Lenses

Most movies and plays will enhance the look of people with contact lenses. For example, someone playing a blond haired and blue eyed person may actually have brown hair and brown eyes. With contact lenses you can change the eyes to the color blue and then dye the hair a light blond.

Some movies have characters that are extraordinary. For example, in some movies the protagonist may be a superhero. One way to make the superhero look extraordinary is to make the eyes look an unnatural color. Sometimes a ultra light and brilliant blue color is used to make the superhero seem super good.

In contrast, the evil characters will often have dark eyes or red eyes. Some characters will also have mirror tinted eyes that look silvery. Vampire movies most often used red eye contact lenses. Movies about a famous killer like Jack the Ripper might use a pitch black or pitch black mirror tinted contact lens.

Evolution of Designer Cosmetic Contact Lenses

The idea of a contact lens really took shape in the early 1800s. The first usable contact lenses were made of glass and could only be used for a few hours. The earliest contact lenses were hard on the eyes and somewhat irritating.

Over time, with the advent of soft plastics, contact lenses could be made much cheaper and be much more comfortable.

It wasn't really until the 1960s that uniquely designed contact lenses came onto the scene. That means that cosmetic contact lenses are a relatively new phenomenon of the modern world. The cosmetic nature of contact lenses can not be understated. You can make yourself look like a completely different person with the right lenses. You can experiment and have fun with different looks. Many people do not realize the fun they can have by changing their lenses, matching them with their outfit, or just using them to scare people or for special effect.

Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses

One of the most fun phenomenons are glow in the dark contact lenses. Many people that go to clubs, raves, and dimly lit areas will find that it is pretty cool to have your eyes glow. You can choose from a lot of colors to make your eyes glow the color of choice. Lighter glowing shades are considered an angelic look and darker shades are more evil or scary.

Some contact lenses are hand painted and can take a great deal of effort to get the right design. When you purchase special glow in the dark lenses, you may also look at how they are produced. Are they had painted or are they mass produced by a large contact lens company like Acuvue.






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